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Siimon says: Few Will Hunt – be one of them 

Siimon Reynolds sits down with Dynamic Business to talk entrepreneurial hunting, the structure of magic, boredom, and why he loves his new business radio show.

He’s back! After over a decade of living in the USA and mentoring some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, high-performance guru Siimon Reynolds has returned to Australia and launched a new radio show.

“I was approached by Disrupt Radio and thought it was a fascinating concept, an entire radio station devoted to business, entrepreneurship and cutting-edge commercial things,” he explains.

Disrupt Radio broadcasts live digital content, which can also be listened to later as podcasts. Siimon says there is strong move from traditional to digital radio overseas and predicts Australia will follow.

With access to the world’s most successful business leaders, deciding who to interview for the show is no easy task.

“I’m kind of selfish. If I would like to sit down with them, I assume there are many other people who’d like to hear the conversation as well.


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