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High Performance Coach for Business Leaders

How To Have A Great 2Nd Quarter

by | Apr 7, 2024

he first Quarter is over. Bang, just like that.

Now, how do you make sure you have a strong 2nd Quarter?

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I mentor numerous CEOs and founders, and here’s what I’ll be telling them to do:

1. Start acting with more urgency.
Many CEOs start the year off slowly. This is often the result of only setting annual goals.
When goals are set purely on an annual basis, there seems to be plenty of time to reach the goals.
But that is an illusion. In my experience, almost any worthwhile business goal is hard to reach, and usually takes a lot more effort, focus, and time than anticipated.
That’s why it’s crucial to really instill Urgency in your team’s ( and your) mind.
Do tasks faster. Trim the fat. Obsess overdoing the few things that can really move the needle toward your key goals. Now, not tomorrow or next week.
Urgency must be your primary emotional state if you want to succeed big-time in business.

2. Do more outbound marketing.
In my view, 9 out of 10 businesses do not do enough outbound, proactive marketing.
Most wait for customers to come to them.
In Quarter 2, this crazy waiting game must stop.
Ask yourself: what ways can I reach out to potential clients cold, to introduce my company and what it sells?
This could include outbound email, Google ads, direct mail, seeking referrals, or cold calling. (I used to do 1 hour of cold calling a day for years, and made literally millions from the clients I got from it).

3. Triple what is already working.
Virtually every company has at least one way they are growing the business that works.
But strangely, most business owners I know do not spend enough time doing that one thing.
In 15 years of mentoring CEOs and entrepreneurs, I have found the single fastest way to increase income is to do more of what is already working.
By simply doubling or tripling the amount of time ( or money) you are spending on the method that is proven to bring in customers, within one month you will usually be bringing in more money.

So that’s what I’ll be talking about with my mentoring clients, to make sure they have a highly lucrative 2nd Quarter.

Which of these three do you think would work for you?

Siimon Reynolds

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