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High Performance Coach for Business Leaders

Your missing ingredient

by | Jun 18, 2024

Here’s something to think about:

Are you missing one of the most important ingredients of being a great entrepreneur?

I’ve been mentoring entrepreneurs for about 14 years, and here’s what I’ve noticed:

There are many entrepreneurs that work hard, focus and really know their industry, but still do not achieve great things.

It’s very frustrating for them because they appear to be doing everything they need to, but are still not making nearly as much money as they feel they should.
In many cases, I believe what is missing is simply this:

Massive desire.

Desire is the missing ingredient for many people.

I believe massive desire completely changes the game and will lift you to a much higher level of achievement than just doing the right actions.
When you really, deeply, desire to succeed in business the following outcomes occur:

1. You see opportunities you have never seen before.
You just notice more things that can help you when you really crave business success. Your subconscious picks out people, software or opportunities that it just doesn’t see unless you’re on fire with desire for your business goals.

2. It forces you to take more action.
When you have a huge desire you make the phone calls you’re nervous about making. You work the extra hour. You push yourself past pure professionalism into the rarefied space of uncommon excellence. And thus your results rapidly improve.

3. Your belief triples. 
You usually can’t have a large rise in desire without also having a rise in belief. And that increased belief leads to taking more actions in the direction of your business goals, and more certainty when dealing with potential customers. These two combine to give you much stronger financial results.

4. You get much more luck.
I don’t know exactly why this occurs, I just know from experience that it does. I have had times when I did all the right actions in my business yet did not have luck go my way. And other times when I had a huge amount of lucky circumstances occur in my favour. After a long time analyzing this, I concluded that the missing ingredient was desire.

When my desire for business success was white hot, I experienced a lot of luck. When I was working hard but my desire was merely moderate, I didn’t see many lucky moments occur.

It is like massive desire functions as some kind of magnet, bringing to you all manner of good fortune, in sometimes strange and spectacular ways.

So if you are working hard in your business, but you are just not getting the results you want, try greatly increasing your desire for your goals. Think about them constantly with emotionally intense desire.

It might just be the missing ingredient that changes everything.

Siimon Reynolds

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Siimon Reynolds, a marketing entrepreneur, now mentors global CEOs and entrepreneurs, distinguishing himself through his own business success.

Siimon has been a major force in advertising and marketing since his early twenties, winning numerous prestigious awards worldwide for creativity.

He now mentors business leaders and entrepreneurs on high-performance strategies for both business and personal success.

Siimon Reynolds, a seasoned speaker, has shared the stage with luminaries such as Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, and others.